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Cheap Weed – The True Cost of Cannabis Savings

Buying the cheapest weed you can find, may have a hidden cost.

We get a lot of questions here at Smoke & Sativa. One of the most popular ones is “Where can I find the cheapest weed in London?”.

We have no problem referring customers to reputable London dispensaries that may have a strain we do not currently have in stock, or a product line we don’t carry (Really! We have a mutual respect for ethical competitors, just ask us!). However, we often find ourselves in a predicament when customers are looking for cheap marijuana – think $99 ounces.

Sure, there are many things that factor into the retail price of cannabis. Your friend selling bud he grew in his basement lacks the overhead costs of a retail chain store. An outdoor grow costs a fraction of the price of a quality hydro operation (the hydro companies take mercy on no man). So on and so forth. However, the most common reason is the result of something cannabis consumers should be aware of… The use of pesticides.

Growing marijuana is no easy task, and like any crop, cannabis plants are prone to pests and disease. So what are many growers doing to avoid these issues? As a 2015 article in The Atlantic pointed out, many growers are resorting to harmful chemicals to protect their crops.

To make matters worse, once these chemicals have proven to alleviate their worries, they often look to these miracle substances to help them increase their yields. More buds, faster growth cycles = more money. The war for your business is on, and many dispensaries and online weed delivery services have taken the “all is fair in love and war” approach.

With that said, not all pesticides are bad. Mother nature has provided us with some amazing solutions for the pests that plague so many cannabis growers. Ladybugs, for example, fill their bellies on the pests that attack marijuana plants. Rosemary oil and chrysanthemum oil are awesome alternatives to solve the problem – this is the active ingredient in pyrethrins, common pesticides used on cannabis.

We would never accuse any dispensary of choosing vendors or cultivators that engage in pesticide-heavy growth practices. However, we urge customers to take precautions when shopping online for cannabis. A major red flag lies in the price tag. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

At Smoke & Sativa, we go to extreme lengths to offer high quality cannabis at every price point. Our Craft Collection strains are grown with the utmost care and attention. In fact, many of them have grown up listening to Beethoven (we’re serious!). We do our very best to keep costs as low as possible, while maintaining an ethical growth model – growing buds that we ourselves are proud to smoke.

As the age-old saying goes… Good weed ain’t cheap, and cheap weed ain’t good.

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