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Earthy, Mint, Woody

Pretty much any strain that’s bred from Girl Scout Cookies becomes a favorite in no time, and when you cross it with Blue Power, the results are nothing short of phenomenal. SinMint Cookies, also known simply as Sinmint, is a product of Sin City Seeds and brings users one powerful high.

SinMint Cookies is a classic hybrid that lifts you up before bringing you down and starts off with a euphoric state of mind that will turn anyone’s frown upside down. No matter how horrible of a day you had, take a load off and find yourself getting more and more happy with this creeper strain. For some, the ability to focus on small tasks becomes enhanced, but this doesn’t last long once the tingles kick in. Washing over you from head to toe, you’ll end up falling asleep on the couch if you aren’t careful.

Ideal for addressing most medical ailments, SinMint Cookies is a great choice for those times when physical and mental issues are getting the best of you. Whether cramps, headaches, or inflammation are a problem, this bud will ensure you get at least a few hours of relief. Stress and depression are easily soothed as well, allowing you to get a good night of sleep no matter what’s going on in your world.

Instead of scarfing down an entire box of those famous cookies, why not turn to SinMint Cookies and enjoy even more bliss than chocolate could ever provide? Great for medical users or those who want a bit of recreational fun, this strain will allow you to forget about your problems for the night and simply enjoy feeling calm, cool, and collected. Share some with friends during a lazy weekend or keep some handy for those days when you really need an escape.


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