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Pura Vida


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Typical Effects
Common Usage
About Pura Vida

Diesel, Pungent, Sweet lemon

Pura Vida is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. First grown in the US, this strain is attributed to world-renowned cannabis growers Bodhi Seeds. This cannabis company has garnered a reputation amongst the worldwide cannabis community for their dedication to growing quality genetics under purely organic conditions. The results of their grows are often incredibly potent plants with high quality buds. Pura Vida is not an exception to this trend. This strain is the result of Bodhi Seeds crossing LA Pure Kush with Appalachia. This lovely hybrid makes for an amazing afternoon or evening smoke, combining a high THC concentration of 28% with a myriad of entourage effects for the perfect chill high.

Users have described tasting a delightful blend of harsh chemicals and sweet lemons in this bud’s flavour profile.

The effects of this strain are often underestimated, as the less-than-lovely flowers are often mistaken for low-quality shake by consumers unfamiliar with the strain. Underestimating this strain can get you into a boatload of trouble, as the high is powerful and heavy, and it comes on slowly. Before long, you’ll be higher than a kite and unable to get off the sofa.

This creeping high begins with a slight tingle in the neck that spreads throughout your entire body. Your body will be weighed down to the sofa, making the slightest movements like grabbing the remote seem like it’s going to take all the effort you have left. During this time, you’ll feel utterly relaxed in a way you probably haven’t felt before, as the aches and pains melt away under the blistering heat of this strain’s potent high. You might feel slightly uplifted and euphoric as well, as the strain fosters positive thoughts and emotions while relaxing your body. This full-bodied stone can lead to sedation and even sleep, so make sure you’re somewhere comfy as soon as you finish your smoke session.


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