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About Pink Gelato

Fruity, Sweet

Pink Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid that owes it’s existence to a cross between Thin Mints and Sherbet. Looking further back, Pink Gelato can trace its lineage to OG Kush, Burmese Kush, Florida Kush, and Durban Poison.

First grown in California, Gelato gets its name from the Italian word for ice cream. Cookie Fam and Sherbinski — the breeders — and it is properly named for it’s sweet aroma and flavour. True to its name, its flavours can come across as sweet and fruity: think sherbet, blueberry, and orange. Its aroma is equally as enticing, reminiscent of lavender, citrus, and freshly cut wood.

It is useful for help with relaxation and stress relief, allowing users to experience a buzzing sensation in the body that builds slowly and settles at a pleasant pace. This euphoric body high combines with the head high to give you a boost of energy rather than a boggy feeling. If you are having company over, playing video games, reading, or taking your dog for a stroll in the park, Pink Gelato will enhance this experience.

Refrain from using Pink Gelato if you use weed before bed. It could make you feel creative and awake, and some people report using it to help with fatigue. Pink Gelato is to be used for light activity and will not help with insomnia.


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