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What is Craft?

Our Craft Collection line of cannabis is without comparison. Whereas some offer AAAA+ grade cannabis, the Craft Collection is all of that - and more. These strains are grown and cared for with an unparalled amount of attention.

When you buy a Craft grade strain, it is highly probable that your bud has been exposed to the music of Beethoven (we're only half kidding), with each plant receiving special attention.

Welcome to the world of Craft cannabis.

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About Pink Floyd

Berry, Lemon, Pine, Spicy

Pink Floyd is an extremely aromatic and flavourful sativa strain brought to life by Mr. Nice. Pink Floyd appeals to those who like their herb to have depth and character.

The strain contains a genetic lineage consisting of 25% Afghan, 25% Skunk, and 50% Haze and provides a pleasant and stimulating head high that is augmented by delicious flavours and tastes of lemon, pine, berries, and spice.

The strain isn’t just a great smoke when needing a little pick-me-up, it’s also one to pull from the stash jar when wanting to illuminate the senses.

1 review for Pink Floyd

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Now this Sativa strain is very good. Your fingers get all sticky from breaking it up and it is cured perfectly. It has a nice smooth sour and sweet taste both on the inhale and exhale just like a great Sativa should be. The high comes on strong and fast , I was already high halfway through a 1gram joint and by the end I was stoned for a good 2 hours. Then I had another 1gram joint , not that I wasn’t high from the first one I just wanted to extend the high and also get higher. I would definetly recomend this strain , especially for Satíva lovers !!!

    vampi393 (verified owner)

    Verified Customer

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