Number 33

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Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Prepare to embark on a journey with #33, the hybrid sensation born from the enchanting union of Biscotti and Lemon Cherry Gelato strains. This isn’t your average bud – #33 is a masterpiece that beckons, a strain you’ll crave time and time again.

Picture this: a burst of vibrant sour citrus flavour tinged with notes of fresh, juicy berries and nutty cherries. The taste of #33 is a symphony of delectable notes that dances on your palate, leaving a trail of sheer delight with each inhale.

But that’s not all; #33 has a secret. The aroma is equally enchanting, with earthy undertones that seamlessly blend with the nutty sweetness. Picture a sensory journey accented by sour citrus and the alluring scent of freshly picked cherries. It’s an olfactory experience that sets the stage for what’s to come.

As you exhale the tantalizing smoke of #33, the high begins to unfurl. In mere minutes, you’ll feel a sense of elevation, a whimsical lightness that invites bouts of laughter and a carefree mindset. Your worries dissipate as a gentle, tingly body high takes hold, melting into your limbs and softly locking you to the comfort of your couch.

With an impressive THC content averaging between 30% and 35%, #33 is a force to be reckoned with. It’s a potent ally for an array of conditions, from managing depression and mood swings to quelling chronic stress, anxiety, and the relentless grip of headaches or migraines. For those seeking respite from chronic pain, #33 is a beacon of relief.

Visually, #33 dazzles with its dense and fluffy, grape-shaped nugs. They’re adorned with an abundance of super-thin, yellow-orange hairs and boast a glistening coat of tiny, frosty white crystal trichomes. It’s a sight to behold, a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into cultivating this exceptional strain.

In summary, #33 is more than just a strain – it’s an experience. With its captivating flavours, uplifting high, and therapeutic potential, it’s a journey that promises delight and relief. So, why wait? Dive into the world of #33 and discover the magic that awaits in each delightful toke.


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