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Typical Effects
Cotton Mouth
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About Freddie Kane OG

Diesel, Earthy, Mint

In 2015, rap artist Freddie Gibbs partnered up with Loompa Farms and Chroncierge to bring us Freddie Kane OG. This heavy hitting indica hybrid was only available at select dispensaries in California. In an era when artist branded cannabis is flooding the market, how does Freddie Kane OG stand out from other rappers’ strains?

This strain is an absolute knockout on all fronts. The large conical, Christmas-tree shaped nugs appear ice green behind the glimmer of the trichome bling. Popping open a container of Freddie Kane OG instantly fills the room with that oddly enticing OG musk that everyone will wanna try. You’ll want to keep this one to yourself though as this strain is pretty hard to find.

If Freddie Kanes’ flashy appearance didn’t get you, then the effects of this top tier, elite OG will. Like a punch to the dome, you are hit and instantly bewildered by the terpene profile and overwhelming potency. The flavour is straight diesel with subtle floral hints and a slight whisper of sour citrus. It tastes deceivingly good, it’s easy to just keep smoking on it. Careful if you do though, this strain will leave you laid out on the couch if your tolerance is low, so it’s best enjoyed at home in the evening.

A strain that hits as hard as his music, Freddie Gibbs’ “Freddie Kane OG” is the real deal. Definitely one of the most powerful and potent of the artist branded strains, Freddie Kane stands on top of the game. If you are lucky enough to get some, turn up some Freddie Gibbs and put it in the air.


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