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Donkey Dick

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Typical Effects
Common Usage
Loss of Appetite
About Donkey Dick

Earthy, Spicy

Donkey Dick is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, believed to be a phenotype of Big Island Skunk that has taken on a somewhat notorious appearance. The buds are long, dense, and pepper-shaped, with a dark olive green color. They are covered with thin amber hairs, clear crystal trichomes, and noticeable drops of sticky sweet resin.

The high from Donkey Dick is quite mellow, making it ideal for less experienced users. It begins with a euphoric boost that lifts your mood and eases mental tension with a hazy laziness. This is followed by a gradual body buzz that warms you without causing couch-lock or weighing you down. You might feel a bit hungry or slightly lethargic, but that’s about it. With its moderate THC level, Donkey Dick is effective for treating conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines or headaches, and appetite loss, especially for novice users.

This strain has a strong aroma of spicy, dank skunk with a sharp pungent overtone that fills any room quickly. The flavor is very sour with a skunky pungency and a spicy, surprisingly smooth exhale.


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