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Diesel, Skunky, Sweet

Dark Plasma sounds like a futuristic plot device, a planet-smasher, and with crazy high THC levels, that may not be far off. If you can take 30% euphoria, you may find your next-level high in Dark Plasma, with its unique mix of fuel and cookies (and relaxing feelings).

It makes up for the yield with a flowering time of only 57 days, well below average. Dark Plasma combines Obi Wan OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut, thankfully shortening the word length of each. Dark Plasma has a kind of surreal punchy sound to it that makes a great answer to being asked what you’re smoking. “Dark Plasma.” You can say it like a super-villain. Definitely better than having to say, “Obi Wan Girl Scout OG Forum Cookies Cut Kush.”

You probably couldn’t say that even if you wanted to on a Dark Plasma high. Its buds are dense, small, round, and bright green, with an abundance of trichomes, way more than average. But overall, it’s an unassuming plant for how much energy it packs inside. The flavour hits you with a blast of cookies at first, then a lingering taste of Pod Racer engine fuel, with an exhale of sour herbs – if you don’t know how sweet cookies and skunky fuel mix, you’ll find out. If you already know, you may prefer to stay clear.

But if you’re ready for the challenge, you’ll find a high that starts potent and never stops. The first effect is cerebral and stimulating, but that’s not how the strain feels overall. Your mind and body will become more oblivious, unfocused, pounded into submission by a cloud of Dark Plasma, like a tiny planet. The easiness and happy euphoria of it is … all-consuming. You don’t know couch locks until you’ve been locked by plasma.

Once you’ve become heavy, dropped, nonsensical, you’ll start to fall asleep. The pure peace of the Dark Plasma high is something that a lot of users yearn for. If you’re susceptible to sedation, this strain can work its magic on you for hours. This makes it a great companion for users with issues related to insomnia, first of all, but also pain, depression, fatigue, stress, or even appetite loss and nausea. There’s a period of heavy snacking in there, before the sedation, where you’ll feel munchy and totally at peace.

If you don’t mind mixing the cosmic elements of Diesel and Cookie, Dark Plasma is one sucker punch of bliss that your lazy evenings shouldn’t be without. This strain will make you one with the stars. So you can smash them.


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