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After Burner


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Typical Effects
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About After Burner

Diesel, Earthy, Spicy

After Burner helps you remember its effects with its name – this strain burns long and strong, hitting nearly 30% THC at times. It’s perfect for a long winter’s night, warming and tingling you as it spreads through your neck, back, and limbs. You’ll be sedated, down for the count, when you’re on After Burner. It’s probably a predictable result of a strain that has Trainwreck as a parent. That’s probably what you’ll be. But you’ll be a happy train-wreck.

The other parents are Gorilla Glue #4 and Jet Fuel G6, both of which contribute a diesel aftertaste to After Burner. Third Eye Genetics bred it to help you see more clearly, which you can hopefully do with your eyes closed. You’ll see LIFE more clearly, that’s for sure.

The flavours hit you immediately, surging into your spine and body with warm, tingly euphoria. After Burner is thick and dank, spicy, herbal, and diesel-y. Those with sensitive sinuses may find themselves coughing, so be aware of that. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy the outright herbal spiciness and you better – the thick scents of fuel and herbs fills the whole house when you smoke After Burner.

You’ll feel very elevated, focused, and totally stoned. You may even shiver as it takes effect and you start to feel the warm numbness. You’ll feel focused on your body sensations but you won’t feel like moving. After Burner is sedating and heavy. It’s great for a cold night when you want to relax and get to sleep.

After Burner works well for people who suffer from pain, muscle cramps, spasms, inflammation, and heavy stress. If you feel fatigued, you may have trouble getting restful sleep. Your muscles may be worn and tight and it may be affecting your stress levels. After Burner can calm you down through all of it. Be prepared for numbing, warm euphoria until it knocks you out. If you’re suffering, After Burner could be your ticket to sleeping sound.


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