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Pegasus Delta-9 Disposable Vape

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THCRoom Temperature

THC :  This is a THC-based product.

Storage :  Store at room temperature.

D9 THC distillate, full spectrum extract, natural cannabis derived terpenes.

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Based in Vancouver, the beloved brand Pegasus420 introduces a new assortment of high-quality vape pens. Each pen is infused with 90-95% pure D-9 distillate cannabis oil enriched with 7% natural terpenes.

Pegasus420 offers a diverse selection of strains, ensuring a flavourful and potent experience for everyday consumers. Boasting 2.2g of distillate per pen, securely sealed for safe usage, Pegasus420 draws on decades of professional experience in cultivating medicinal cannabis. Committed to the highest production standards, they guarantee that every run and distillation meets stringent quality criteria.

Pegasus420’s mission is evident in every puff, aiming to deliver the most potent, clean, and enjoyable cannabis products on the planet.


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