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This iced tea is all jazzed up! Now + Then Nano THC Purple Rain Iced Tea is made with Kenyan Purple Tea that is steeped just the right amount, then lightly sweetened with real cane sugar. A single can contains 20mg of Nano Emulsified Full Spectrum THC for a quick on-set time, making it the perfect beverage for a regular cannabis user, or pour it over ice and share a can with friends. Meet your new and improved summertime beverage, with a beautiful purple colour and tasty punch. Simple ingredients, refreshing taste, and feel good effects without the hangover.

The Nano Emulsion Difference

Cannabis nanoemulsions work by taking large oil droplets and breaking them down into tiny particles that can mix with water in a way that enhances the cannabinoids’ bioavailability. The key benefit of nanotechnology is a result of the nano THC and CBD being absorbed where they normally aren’t, like in your mouth and stomach, allowing you to absorb more of it more quickly. Unlike an edible that can take some time to feel the full effects, Now + Then Beverages start working and providing you with the benefits of cannabis within as little as 6 minutes.

Now + Then is committed to creating high-quality products that use the power of plant-medicine to improve the quality of your everyday life, naturally. Backed by extensive lab-testing and real life experience, the Now + Then team is passionate about finding accessible alternatives to traditional medications and providing effective means of relief and and pain management for a number of ailments and conditions.


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Directions / Suggested Dosage
Store and serve chilled. Start with 1/4 to 1/2 can and wait 45 minutes if you are unsure of personal tolerance - increase dosage as needed/desired. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this product. Keep away from pets.
Keep out of reach of children.

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