Fruit Punch Rosin

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Typical Effects
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Loss of Appetite
About Fruit Punch Rosin

Berry, Sweet, Tropical

Fruit Punch is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights. It offers a very smooth smoke and a deliciously sweet fruity flavor that makes it hard to resist. The taste is a mix of sweet and tangy citrus berry, almost like sugar, with a similar aroma that has a dank, pungent twist.

The high from Fruit Punch is as captivating as its taste. It produces a relaxing effect that is perfect for a lazy afternoon when you still need to accomplish tasks. The high starts with a cerebral boost that makes you feel euphoric and content. This is followed by increased motivation, which soon turns into a pleasant sense of laziness.

Thanks to its potent THC level, Fruit Punch is ideal for those dealing with insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and chronic fatigue. The buds are bright green with orange, red, and blue accents, resembling a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.


What is Rosin?

The major difference between resin/shatter and rosin is that the resin/shatter is produced via solvent extraction, specifically using hydrocarbons like butane and/or propane, while rosin is a solvent-less technique using heat and pressure.


How To Smoke Rosin

Rosin can be smoked in various ways, and is one of the most versatile concentrates available behind distillates. The term “dab” is a frequently used term that is heavily associated with smoking concentrates.

Dab refers to the most popular way to smoke rosin which requires a specialized bong or ” dab rig”. A “nail” attachment that is generally made of titanium, quartz or ceramic, and a butane torch. The nail attachment is heated to an optimal temperature, and the concentrate is “dabbed” onto the nail. As a result in a build up of vapour within the bong that is then inhaled. Similarly aside from being dabbed, rosin can be enjoyed in many other ways.


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