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Blue Monkey


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Typical Effects
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About Blue Monkey

Earthy, Pine, Sweet lemon

Blue Monkey is a indica strain bred from a cross between the infamous Gorilla Glue #4 and a hybrid of Blueberry x Black Domina. Regardless, it now sits among other Indica-dominant favourites like its papa, Gorilla Glue, as a sweet, chemical powerhouse with a potent high and a pungent smell. Continue reading to learn about what you can expect if you let that Blue Monkey on your back.

The strain grows with dense, crowded branches, packed with flowers. By contrast, the central colas don’t produce as many buds. This means that the branches are the key to growing Blue Monkey and are going to be heavy by the time the strain reaches its harvest period after around 9 weeks (early-mid October when grown outside). The breeder Exotic Seed out of Madrid in Spain recommends growing Blue Monkey inside.

Blue Monkey’s flavour is a tempting mix of sweet and chemical (even the resin smells pungent), with hints of lemon and pine, and earthiness on the exhale. The aroma is the same, and no less enjoyable, as Blue Monkey reaches its paws into your body and causes your brain to calm down and your muscles to relax. Most users do not report sedation or strong mind-level effects. Instead, we recommend the strain for relaxing tired muscles and relieving tension, especially after a strenuous workweek.

If you’re in the market for a relaxing, sweet-chemmy strain that’s easy to get into and more pungent the longer it hangs around, Blue Monkey might have what you’re looking for. If you plan on growing it to capture that amazing resin for your next amazing extraction, just keep in mind that the plant’s branchy growing structure favours growers with a little experience under their belt. Basically what we’re saying is: don’t challenge the Blue Monkey unless you come prepared!


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