London Ontario Canada

Rising Gas Prices – How This Affects Cannabis Delivery in London

London… We tried to hold out as long as we could. Unfortunately, we’ve been put in an uncomfortable situation due to rising gas prices in Ontario.

It has become much more difficult to operate a courier service with the current prices, and as such, we’ve had to discuss how to approach this unique situation. We have also taken into account that we aren’t the only ones in a difficult spot, as many of our customers also have vehicles with tanks that need to be filled, and currently, that is getting more expensive.

That is why we have completely ruled out price increases to cover these costs. An added fee for delivery? No way. We will continue to offer a great service, free of charge, with no hidden fees. However, in order to make this sustainable, we have to ask a favour of you – our loyal customer…

This can only be made possible by increasing our minimum spend amount to $49.99 – a mere $4.99 increase to our low minimum.

How does this help? Well, it helps us achieve slightly larger orders – a bigger order results in less small orders, resulting in less drop-offs overall. This helps to save gas, lower maintenance costs, and provides just enough change to prevent us from having to increase the price of our products. Added bonus – less drop-offs results in even faster delivery times for everyone.

This probably won’t affect the large majority of you. However, those that are affected, we hope you can understand the situation, and appreciate our efforts given the circumstances.

Thanks again for all of the support you’ve given us thus far, and we hope you choose to continue making us your preferred choice for cannabis products in London, Ontario.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our questions page.

Thank you for all of the support, we love you London!

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