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Diesel, Fruity, Sour

Calling all diesel lovers! If you enjoy the pungent appeal of this classic cannabis flavour, then Black Diesel is a must-try. A Cannabis Cup winner that was bred in Spain by Advanced Seeds, she makes for an ideal daytime smoke. Black Diesel’s heritage is slightly murky, as some say she’s a cross between NYC Diesel and Black Domina while others report that NYC Diesel alone is responsible for her existence.

If nothing else, one thing is for certain when it comes to this gal — she’s as steady as can be with a high THC potency that rarely waivers. Most are impressed with her appearance, as nugs feature tones of pink and purple. While Black Diesel is quite heavy on gassy flavour, she brings some lightness to the mix with tastes and smells of sour fruit, leaving your mouth watering and everyone in the room wondering exactly what you’ve been smoking.

Black Diesel is a unique strain in that her genetics point to a strong sativa experience while users claim that she’s far more balanced in effects. Initially, you’ll likely enjoy a burst of euphoria and creativity after just a few tokes, making her the ideal accompaniment for completing your to-do list or tackling a project around the house. Focus may be heightened for a short period of time, so take advantage while it lasts. Once you’ve been flying high for a while, realize that a comedown is imminent, yet just how relaxed you become will depend on your tolerance.

Quite a few medical cannabis users love to enjoy Black Diesel throughout the course of the day, as the strain is fabled to have some pretty amazing properties. Given her reported ability to bring you to a place of pure bliss, she may combat anxiety and depression with ease. Those who have ADD or ADHD also tend to rely on this gal pretty heavily to become more productive. Others with additional health concerns including migraines, a loss of appetite, or nausea find that just a few puffs of this gal can help considerably.

Those who hate diesel strains should definitely look elsewhere, but if you’re a fan of gassy bud, Black Diesel may become your new favourite. It’s advised that you experiment with your tolerance here and time your dose just right, as you’ll be able to enjoy both her ups and her downs. While Black Diesel might seem popular for now, it’s always smart to stock up as best as you can just in case breeders decide to retire her once and for all.


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