Return Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Due to circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we are unable to process any and all refunds. In an effort to help stop the spread, and as a safety to our customers and our couriers, all refunds are on hold until further notice.

Smoke and Sativa will refund all flowers for the full amount, within 7 days of purchase with the following conditions:

  • The amount consumed is equal to, or less than 10% of the purchased amount (eg. Up to 0.7g of a 7g purchase).
  • The product is in the same condition as was purchased (eg. Nugs are not ground. The remainder is as it was when originally purchased).
  • Refunds will be provided via the original payment method used for the purchase.
  • Your receipt, order and batch number will be required when your refund is requested. You will be required to validate your order information.
  • The product is of the same batch. (Any attempt to swap strains or return a strain not purchased from Smoke and Sativa will result in an immediate ban from the use of our services.)

Smoke and Sativa will refund all Edibles, Concentrates and Accessories for the full amount, provided they have been unopened and the products have not been tampered with.

Please contact us via our Questions page for more information.