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We are available to answer your questions via Live Chat or email during our regular business hours.

Before asking a question, please refer to the 'General Questions' section on this page, as your question may have already been answered.

General Questions

Hours of Operation
9:30 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 8:00 pm
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
(Excluding holidays)

After Hours : Orders can be scheduled for delivery the following the day. Early morning scheduled deliveries will be delivered in order, based on time of placement.

NOTE : If you place an order for first thing in the morning, please be aware that your order may not arrive exactly at that time. Time is required to package your order, as well as fulfill scheduled orders placed before yours, should they exist.

How to Place an Order

1. Sign-up for an account at

Use the coupon code SATIVA420 to receive 10% off your first order.

2. Browse our diverse catalog of products on our Shop page.

Filter these products with our FILTER panel, which allows you to narrow down strains by Time of Use, Common Usage, Strain Type and more. When viewing a product, many products will require you to select the desired amount of product in order to view it's price.

3. Add the product to your cart.

When a product has been successfully added to the cart, a checkmark will appear on your screen. That indicates it has been successfully placed in your cart. Continue this process until you are happy with your selections.

4. View your cart and head to checkout.

In your cart panel you will find your selected items as well as a button to proceed to checkout (located at the top right on desktop, or the bottom right on mobile). Choose checkout when happy with your cart's contents.

5. Fill out information and place the order.

Enter your information, which will provide assisted form completion thanks to Google Maps. Ensure your information is correct, review your order and click the Place Order button to process the transaction.

6. Track your order in the Active Order panel.

Once the order has been placed you will see the Active Order button highlighted in purple. Clicking this button will show you the current status of your order - whether it is being processed, being packaged, on it's way - and finally, once it is delivered. Our couriers may even send you messages via this panel!

That's it! You've placed your first order!
Top 5 - Most Asked Questions
July 17, 2024, 8:41 am
Sorry, we aren't currently delivering.

The above store status is dynamically tied to our delivery hours. It updates according to our current status and should never be inaccurate.

The store status can be found in the top menu bar on Desktop, and at the bottom of the slide-out menu on Mobile (opened by pressing the hamburger-style menu in the top-right corner.)

Ah, the most popular question since the beginning of cannabis sales.

No worries, we've asked it too.

We have invested time, thought and money into developing a platform that will give you regular updates on your order's current status.

Immediately after placing your order, an Active Order button will appear at the bottom of your screen (on both desktop & mobile). Here you will find time-stamped updates letting you know if it is: processing / being packaged / in transit / delivered (and the address to which it was delivered... or a Canada Post Express tracking link for mail orders) / failed / cancelled.

This is immediately updated based on your package's current situation and updates can be viewed by clicking the CHECK FOR UPDATES button.

We aim to have orders delivered in under an hour during delivery hours (in London & local delivery areas), but we occasionally receive a surge in current orders. If this happens a message will appear in your Active Order window notifying you that your order may be slightly delayed. This is usually a very short timeframe.

It is extremely uncommon, but should your package take over 2 hours to arrive, look for current notifications at the top of your screen. If there is no urgent message, please contact us via email or Live Chat (bottom corner of this page).

We try to stock a wide variety of extremely high-quality buds, shatter, vape pens, edibles and other cannabis-related products at all times.

If you are looking for a specific product, please let us know by sending us a message through the form on this page.

Sometimes however, we don't stock a particular product for specific reasons.

Bought a strain from us but it's no longer available? This is usually due to limited supply. We are extremely picky about how we select our flowers, and some good things never last - until the next crop of course! Or we are in the process of restocking our inventory. Either way, once available it will be listed in our Shop Catalog.

Please remember - not all similarly named strains, are the same bud. Some people have the misconception that they will find the same strain elsewhere if unavailable at Smoke & Sativa. That may be true, but our version of a particular strain is unique and quality will differ drastically.

Sales can be found all throughout our shop, with sale prices listed in red.

You can also find active promo codes on the Promo Codes & Discounts page.

What we don't do is litter our website with "$99oz! Buy now!" advertisements. Why? Because good weed isn't cheap, and cheap weed isn't good. If you are looking for budget or discount strains, we recommend searching the web for suppliers with the lowest price tag.

In order to maintain our level of quality, in both product and service, we need to charge an amount that is relative to what we offer. Our products are guaranteed to be of extremely high quality, our website is safe, secure and extremely easy to use, and our service is second to none in the industry (according to our customers).

In short - no, we don't sell bush weed. You can rest assured that whichever strain you purchase will be well worth the investment.

We offer same-say local delivery to London & the surrounding area. We also offer Canada Post Express delivery nation-wide, which usually arrives within 1-3 business days.

If you live outside of London city limits, the best way to determine whether or not we offer same-day service to your area is to contact us on this page via our Contact Form.

Registration & Payment

100% guaranteed.

We go to extreme lengths to ensure your data and personal information is kept private. Our databases are encrypted and we use SSL (Secure Socket Protocol) despite not technically processing credit cards online.

Our platform is state-of-the-art, and we wasted no time ensuring we took every step necessary to safeguard your orders and information. That is much more than can be said about the majority of our competitors.

In order to become a member, you must be 19+ years of age and legally eligible to purchase cannabis products in Canada. We do not ask for identification on sign-up, but similar to purchasing tobacco or alcohol products, our couriers reserve the right to request identification upon delivery.

You can register by clicking the ‘Create a Account’ link in the menu bar, on the homepage, or by clicking here – it’s free to join!

For local deliveries, we now proudly accept cash, credit & debit, Apple Pay & Android Pay at your door!

Payment can also be made via Interac e-Transfer if preferred, or if you are located outside of our local delivery area.

Rewards and Giveaways

The Tier Status system is essentially our customer rewards and loyalty program. Every order you place pulls you higher up the totem pole, so to speak.

Most businesses allocate a large portion of their budget towards marketing and paid advertising campaigns in order to attract new customers and boost their overall sales. These expenses are usually Google Click Ad programs and listings with cannabis directories (think: Weedmaps). We prefer to do things a little differently.

Rather than fork out money to a 3rd party to in an attempt woo potential customers, we opt to let our products and our valued customers speak for us. Every dollar we save on advertising we divert into our Tier Status rewards system.

What does this mean for you?

After a specific number of points you will experience a Tier Advancement. Everyone starts at Green, but after just 500 points you will advance to Bronze. When you reach this milestone, we will be made aware – and you can expect a delicious reward to come your way. Eventually you will achieve Red Diamond status – at this point, you’re VIP baby!

That's not all...

We regularly hold giveaways. At the moment of writing this, we recently held a giveaway that will see 3 people receive a gravity bong, absolutely FREE. However, at times we hold giveaways that are reserved exclusively for a specific tier.

Just BEING a Gold member could win you a new gaming console, trip to the tropics or FREE cannabis products.

How’s that sound? Cool, right?

Special thanks to Lindsay for pointing out our previous lack of clarity on this system. You’re the best!