Craft Weed Delivery London Ontario! – Grand Opening

Craft cannabis is finally available in London Ontario

That’s right, we are now offering FREE local delivery of craft cannabis, ultra-premium weed in London, Ontario – in less than an hour! For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, we have been perfecting the art of weed delivery for a long time – and we will now deliver in London, Ontario.

What does this mean for residents of London and the surrounding area? You can take advantage of our state-of-the-art platform and start placing orders for craft cannabis (as well as premium and ultra-premium), concentrates, edibles and more – in less than an hour.

Weed Delivery – What We Offer

Our platform allows you to filter strains that best suit your needs. Looking for something for stress? A cannabis strain you can smoke at night? Our filters will allow you to narrow things down to the perfect strain of marijuana to suit your preferred usage.

Place your order and receive real-time updates right in front of your eyes. Once the order is placed an Active Order button will become visible, where you can see the status of your order – whether it is processing, being packaged, on its way and more… and exactly the time each update was made. This keeps you informed and ready to answer the door when it arrives… in less than an hour, of course!

Exciting, no? Throw in the fact that we are the ONLY weed delivery service in London Ontario that offers Craft Cannabis.

What is Craft Cannabis?

We are glad you asked. Craft cannabis are batches that have not been produced in mass. Carefully cultivated with a level of care and precision that separates it from 99% of cannabis on the market. These batches are grown by specialists who focus on perfecting the strain, and the result is astounding. Due to the rarity of these marijuana strains, we offer these strains in limited quantities and recommend that only experienced smokers consume craft cannabis products.


Craft cannabis delivery in London Ontario… are you ready?